Stained Concrete

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February 28, 2012

Usually called colored concrete; has a unique outcome when combining applications, colors and techniques on cement flooring. Have endless results limited only by the creativity of the ones involved in the process.

Concrete has perforated qualities and its tone is neutral it is a blank canvas for applying colors.

Concrete contractors are being able to achieve color schemes resembles marble, wood and natural stone, creating a complete custom look for concrete driveways, cement floors, pool decks, patios and more; it is being achieved by using acid-based chemical stains.

Acid stains are created with a mixture of water, acid-soluble metallic salts and hydrochloric acid. These materials are reacting to the calcium hydroxide in concrete and are penetrating the surface.

The acid “stains” the surface, letting the metallic salts penetrate easily.

Stain is now a permanent part of the concrete and it will not chip off, fade or peel away.

Acid-based stains produce color that changes, depends on the condition and color of the substrate they are applied to.

Acid stains do not offer a broad color selection; it will be mostly found in array of earth tones (browns, tans and terra cotta) and soft blue-greens. Newer products have colors like soft pastels to yellows, oranges, vivid reds and purples. These products are water-based penetrating stains.

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