Room Addition in Calabasas

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March 12, 2012

Want to have a room addition in Calabasas? Looking for a room addition contractor in Calabasas? Green Home Remodeling will handle any room addition project.

Room addition Calabasas will provide extra space to your home and can also be a good investment to your house. The following factors should be considered before starting any room addition project:

Remodeling costs

Financing options

Design plans


Green Home Remodeling will help you in choosing practical, economical and aesthetically solution.

The market value

Before starting any room addition process you must have a plan; you have to determine your exact space needs.

The next step is to find out what’s the market value of new and improved homes in your area. With this information in hand you will be able to calculate the difference between your current home value and the improved home value. This difference is the maximum cost budget for the room addition.


Unless your room addition financed through cash/savings, finance will be required; here is a quick calculation:

Mortgage rates are higher than existing mortgage- home equity loan will be the best idea.

Mortgage rates are lower than existing mortgage- refinancing entire home (including room addition costs) will make most sense.


The house has to maintain its exterior aesthetics. Family room addition should fit the scale of the existing house. It is important to include the following: windows, roof lines, doors etc. all items should meld into home exterior.

Room addition in Calabasas

Many homeowners assume they can do more than they are skilled to do. It is highly advised to contact an experiences room addition contractor that is because all of the needed tasks for a room addition require skill and time.

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