Roofing in Lancaster

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March 26, 2012

Looking for an honest roofing contractor in Lancaster? Green Home Remodeling is a home remodeling company provides roofing services in Lancaster area.

Green Home Remodeling offer a variety of roofing services designed to answer all of our customers’ roofing needs. We provide top quality roofing in Lancaster and in affordable price.

Green Home Remodeling will handle all your roofing in Lancaster; whether it’s a roof repair or the installation of a new roof, no job is too small for us.

We are committed to an excellent customer service and superior roof repairs and installations.

Here is our commitment to you:

We will deliver top quality work

Use the best quality materials

Deliver a solution to all your roofing needs

Provide competitive prices

Our services:

Roof repair-having years of experience the roofing field, we will be able to locate the source of the roof problems and repair it.

We also perform emergency roof repair, leaky roof repair, roof tile repair and flat roof repairs.

New construction- selecting a new roof to the house is one of the biggest decisions to make (once or twice in a lifetime). We are using the best technology.

Roof replacement- this is a challenging process. Our skilled employees have worked on any type of roof system and understand its unique structure.

We are pride ourselves for being thorough, clean and fast.

Maintenance- our maintenance program is all about identifying the known and hidden threats to your roofing in Lancaster. A roof well performance depends on maintenance besides quality of installation.

Roof inspection- our roofing technicians will be able to locate damages, determine if drainage is adequate and the life span of existing roof.


Green Home Remodeling can assist in making the right waterproofing choice. We are experts in assessment.

We put special emphasis on detailing, material selection and integration of waterproofing systems.

All you have to do, is contact us and you will get a FREE estimate on site

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We are reliable, licensed, professional home remodeling company.
Green Home Remodeling serves Southern CA area.
We use the best materials, we follow time table and we work within budget.
We are obligated to our customers’ satisfaction.

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