Roof Repair in Calabasas

Posted On:
March 15, 2012

Want to have your roof repair? Looking for a roof repair in Calabasas?

We, at Green Home Remodeling, will handle any roof repair Calabasas project you need: whether it is an emergency roof repair, roof replacement or tiles roof repair.

The day of installing the roof is the most important stage in a roof’s “life”. If it hasn’t been done right, the roof is going to have many problems, like cracks etc.

We are committed to you from the moment we arrive; we’ll inspect the roof, the house (inside and out) in order to find any problem that could affect the roof.

When looking for roof repair in Calabasas you should look for the following:

First thing you need to find out regarding your roofing contractor is that he has a good reputation; ask for references.

Green Home Remodeling always have time for roof repair estimates; 

Green Home Remodeling is a well-known company serving the South CA area. Our skilled labor has extensive training and years of experience; we can handle any project, no matter what size it is.

We are committed to excellence and our customers’ total satisfaction; we achieve it by using just the best quality products and providing excellent service.

    Our services:

  •     Roof leak repair
  •     Shingle roof repair
  •     Clay tile roof repair
  •     Concrete tile roof repair
  •     Flat roof repairs
  •     Roof replacement

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