Roof Replacing

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February 27, 2012

Need to fix or replace a leaking roof? That is a tough decision, budget and time wise. Calling a roofing contractor for inspection might lead to the conclusion that the leaking roof must be replaced.

There are times when the roof has to be replaced. All depends on the roof maintenance, the weather conditions and the initial roof of the house. Here are the signs that indicate the roof has to be replaced:

  • The roof’s age- the average life span of a roof is about 15 years, depends on the maintenance of the roof. After 15 years, there are cases of torn flashings and roof leaks.
  • Missing Shingles- if the number of missing shingles is big, it’s better to replace the roof.
  • Interior walls (touching the roof) condition – the walls that touch the roof are a good indication of the time required for the roof to be replaced (moisture marks or a loss of paint are good indications). 
  • Extreme weather conditions- a major cause of roof deterioration is an exposure to bad weather conditions. In areas where there are extreme weather conditions, the roof’s life is short.

There are few more things that can indicate on a need of a roof replacement:

Using improper material when the roof has been constructed, a faulty design and other external factors.

The decision regarding a roof replacement will include multiple factors: budget, time, weather conditions etc. when a decision has been made, its best to replace the roof without further delay as the delay might cause other damage to the house.

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