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March 16, 2012

This article contains valuable information as to why it is important to install a patio cover in Malibu. It is a very little known fact that patios have the biggest potential to become an exciting and desirable space to spend time in. Patio contractors state that it can be converted to be one of, if not, the chief home improvement investment known on the market. Most Malibu residents probably do not think about patio enclosures because it is, without a doubt, associated with summer but this idea is the furthest from the truth.

There are many different names that are associated with patio enclosures, such as, conservatory, patio sun room, solarium and sunroom. Here is a short and concise definition for each word:

Sunroom, Sun Lounge, Sun Porch and Sun Parlor

-This is an edifice on the side of the house that would permit you to enjoy your garden and your surrounding environment.


-A conservatory is a sunroom that is mainly used as a traditional greenhouse.


-This is related to a sunroom; however, it is mainly made of glass in order to allow more light into the room. These forms of patio enclosures are designed in order to take advantage of the sun rays and have warmth. Sunrooms are more for aesthetic reasons.

If you do not want to add glass to your patio deck or to your enclosed porch then you can easily add screen to your windows in order to keep out insects during the summer. During the winter, you can have the screens covered and make it into an informal extra room where you can have intimate gatherings. Just because the patio is associated with the outdoors does not mean you cannot accommodate it to be similar to the indoors.


Unlike most home improvement projects, patio conversion projects are relatively inexpensive but it comes with extensive rewards. Our patio contractors will give Malibu residents bountiful options of designs to choose from and it is not just limited to one design as most people would think. You can reap the benefits of the summer without the bother of nature. It gives you control as to how involved you want nature to be involved with you instead of it making the decisions for you. Green Home Remodeling will find the best patio contractors, patio builders and give you a free patio estimate.

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