Patio Flooring

Posted On:
February 28, 2012

There is a large variety of patio flooring styles to choose from.

Types of patio flooring:

Concrete, ceramic, tiles, stone, wood can be used for patio flooring. Stone flooring is usually placed directly on the foundation. Metal and wood flooring for patios are often elevated (so there is more ventilation underneath it).

There are people who prefer poured concrete in a flat surface, cut stone with a distinct feel to it, that way they don’t even have to make their patio flooring with blocks.

Another option is interlocking patio tiles:

This type of patio flooring is very durable and can last for years. By using interlock patio tiles you can have a mosaic stone at the center of the patio and granite skirting it. Another mix you can have is mixing pebbles and sandstone, mixing colors etc.

Key features:

Patio flooring key feature is no matter what material you choose, it should be waterproof and long lasting. The climate in your area is a factor to take into consideration. If you live in an area that gets subzero temperature in winter, you need to take into account that there will be repairs to do every spring. If you are happy with certain type of tile or design, you could obtain a large amount of spare tiles to put in storage.

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