Interior Paint

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February 23, 2012

Nothing gives your home a fresh new look quite like a new coat of fresh paint. You can change the color, touch up the appearance, and protect your home from the elements. Painting or Texture Coating (Stucco) also adds value to your home, and can make a great first impression -- what realtors call "curb appeal" -- if you're planning to sell.

The Painting Process

The most important part of any paint job is the surface preparation, if the surface preparation is not completed properly than the longevity of the application will be diminished. At Green Home Remodeling we take great pride in ensuring that a surface is properly prepared before there is any application of products. Transform the “So-So” with a splash of interior paint, exterior paint or a whole house painting!

Green Home Remodeling offer a line of decorative and finishes as well as textures:

  • Interior paint- we paint walls, ceilings, windows, paneling, doors, and texture repair.
  • Green paints- we offer to our clients new environmentally friendly materials
  • Quality materials- we offer only the high quality materials
  • Repairs- our painting contractors are experienced with all repair types
  • Carpentry- our contractors replace and install all trim types
  • Property protection- while painting your house we keep it clean, we do so by masking  off furniture etc.

About Us

We are reliable, licensed, professional home remodeling company.
Green Home Remodeling serves Southern CA area.
We use the best materials, we follow time table and we work within budget.
We are obligated to our customers’ satisfaction.

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