Exterior Painting in Eagle Rock

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July 02, 2012

Are you are looking for a new and subtle way to conserve the environment? With Green Home Remodeling, we will perform a new technique to exterior painting in Eagle Rock. This technique is called "green" painting. This “green” paint, which will conserve energy in Eagle Rock homes much better than regular painting materials. We will hire only what we consider the best exterior painting contractor in Eagle Rock to answer all your exterior painting questions and needs. For this kind of service, we choose high quality exterior house paint.

If you are not familiar with what green painting is then Green Home Remodeling put together these green exterior painting tips to provide residents some basic information for green exterior painting in Eagle Rock.

The Cost

"Green" exterior house paint may be a little more expensive that traditional painting materials. However, it is a small price to pay when having a family live in a healthier home comes into consideration.

Low-VOC, Formaldehyde-Free and No-VOC Paint

Traditional painting materials have hazardous compounds and can continue to emit such hazardous materials years after being first applied. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contribute to poor indoor air quality, central nervous systems disorders and cancer. Green Home Remodeling does everything in its capacity to eliminate hazardous exterior painting in Eagle Rock.

Latex and Water Based Paint

Another option to traditional paint is latex and water based paint for exterior painting in Eagle Rock. These are also considered to much "greener" exterior house paint as water is used as a thinner.

More Paint, Less Stains

Any painting contractor will recommend using paint instead of stains because stains contain high amounts of pesticides.

Since Eagle Rock is a highly popular suburb of Los Angeles, traditional exterior house paint is a major contributor to smog. Green Home Remodeling will not calculate the exact amount of paint that is needed for exterior painting in Eagle Rock. Not only will do a spectacular painting job to give your home a joyful facelift, but we will also properly dispose of the paint so that Eagle Rock residents do not become overwhelmed with any left over paint. Green Home Remodeling is confident that going green with exterior painting in Eagle Rock is very beneficial.

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