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March 16, 2012

Are you located in Calabasas and still trying to decide what to do with your home that will give it a completely up-to-date look? There is a simple solution to this minor problem. A little bit of paint actually goes a long way! Simply by changing the exterior paint in your Calabasas home or the interior paint, it gives your Calabasas home a whole new feel without having to spend thousands on a remodeling project you are not sure you want. Green Home Remodeling has residential painting contractors in Calabasas that will give you the best quality paint job in all of Calabasas. We screen all our contractors in order to ensure that you are getting quality for your budget. Green Home Remodeling will give you exterior painting tips, such as:

Splah your brush in the cleaning solvent before you paint. It will be much easier to clean.
If you do not want to deal with so much cleaning then wrap all the paint brushes.
Using latex gloves, with or without powder, to paint.
Keep a wet edge when you paint in order to avoid paint in unwanted areas.
It is important to invest in quality paints and brushes.

Just because the painting job is done, you should still test for loose paint.

Our painting contractors are guaranteed to satisfy all your painting needs with expert interior and exterior painting tips in Calabasas. Green Home Remodeling' exterior painting tops are backed by our professional painting contractors. Green Home Remodeling will be happy to give you a free estimate and will work with you figure out a budget for all your painting needs. Rest assured that our painting contractors will never leave a mess behind at an Calabasas residence. Our job is never done as we believe in going above the call of duty to keep our Calabasas residents satisfied in every aspect of achieving their remodeling plans.

Other exteiror painting tips we offer is:
Every professional paint job begins with primer.
Everything must be prepped, especially the paint.
Have painting contractors paint your house on a day when there is little moisture in the air.

Always go with a clean finish

Green Home Remodeling offers Calabasas residents so much more than the above exterior painting tips. This is just a small sample of what we offer. Now go and look at your painted walls and the exterior of your home and update your home style.

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