Frequently Asked Questions

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February 28, 2012

Why choose a licensed general contractor for you home remodeling project? And are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed.

Choosing a licensed general contractor will assure you will not be exposed to any financial risks and possible harm in a case of a property damage or personal injury.

A general contractor is an expert who will manage your entire home remodeling project. A licensed general contractor will ensure your home remodeling project satisfies all state and local building codes.

Why choose a design/build remodeling company?

A design/build general contractor provides one source of responsibility, authority and cost control for the remodeling project. That way all aspects of the remodeling project are centered in one remodeling company instead of paying to a designer, deal with number of parties, be subjected to delays and different costs.

In which cases will a remodeling project require a permit?

In case of structural work is needed

When there will be changes in the basic living area of the house

The home’s mechanical system (plumbing, electrical) has to be re-configured or modified

You must ask your licensed general contractor to obtain building permits.

Do you clean up when the job is done?

Yes, we clean up the debris caused by our remodeling job

Are your “free estimates” really free?

Definitely; our visit to your home and the estimate are free of charge.

Is your construction team reliable and “trustworthy”?

Green Home Remodeling screens its personnel; Our crews are polite and diligent.

Should I get other estimates?

Take into consideration its easy to compare prices but difficult to compare service and craftsmanship.

Hire a contractor you trust and feel confident with. You can gain confidence by checking for references.

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