Bathroom Remodeling in Malibu

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March 12, 2012

Are you a Malibu resident that is tired of ridiculous, over the top and unrealistic bathroom remodeling estimates? Are you thinking about completely abandoning all your bathroom remodeling ideas because you cannot find a quality Malibu bathroom remodeling contractors? Do you have bathroom remodeling idea that is all finished but do not know when or where to start? Green Home Remodeling understand the frustration our Malibu homeowners feel when it comes to starting a new project but cannot completely lift it off the ground because of the inability to find the right contractors to realize their dreams. We perform bathroom remodeling in Malibu.

Green Home Remodeling is here for you as we have years of experience of bathroom remodeling in Malibu. We can help you realize your basement bathroom remodel plans, expand your small bathroom, draw out your bathroom remodel plans and take on all the unnecessary bathroom remodeling anxiety for you. We have been servicing the Malibu areas for years and have built a huge customer following. We have no plans in changing our simple belief that we do not build but take your creation and turn it into a dream come true.

We will come to your Malibu home and take the appropriate measurements for any plans that you have in mind for your bathroom. We are also confident that wee will give you the best bathroom remodeling estimates in all of Malibu that are fair and not over the top. We perform the following bathroom remodeling in Malibu:

Simple bathroom remodeling estimates
Bathroom remodel plans
Exterior alterations
Changing the structural elements
Complete overhauls
Understanding permits and building requirements
Replacing drywall
Build a tile shower

Basement bathroom remodel

We will also educate you on the following bathroom wall options:

Ceramic Tile


At Green Home Remodeling, we are confident that we are the best choice for bathroom remodeling in Malibu. All our Malibu contractors are licensed and are very knowledgeable in their field of bathroom remodeling. We refuse to provide our Malibu customers with nothing short of quality work, reliable customer service and the highest quality of work available on the market. We pride ourselves in our work and servicing the residents of Malibu.

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